Musa Ulrich

Bandio Baba aka Musa Ulrich is a true DMV artist that understands the importance of music. His verbal mastery is remarkable as some of his lyrics pose as a rupture to the status quo. In his mind Hip-Hop is in somewhat of a stagnant state, and with influence of an old school mom and his brothers (80s Babies) he’s manage to master the elements of true hip hop. He’s been a student of Black music (Hip Hop, Jazz, Oldies, Classical) music his entire life. Authenticity and knowledge are the driving forces behind the content of this colorful artist. Not to mention his roots come from Bangui in Central Africa.

As the Co-Founder of BPX-Records he plans to contribute a significant amount of time into an authentic investment. Growing up Bandio, was a wanderer but he also was a sponge soaking up stories from many people old and young. Loaded with insight and understanding; Bandio has the ability to create authentic art. He’s a true Hip Hop fan that has respect for all genres and styles of Hip Hop .Hip Hop will return to a healthy state built on authenticity and awareness. Remain on the lookout! #WarriorPoetz